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Happy Friday!!


While the NY weather is playing a fun little game of "It's spring! Oh no, wait - it's not!" -  I've been looking at gorgeous photos of sunny and faraway places like this:

Cinque Terre, Italy

...which has inspired me to bring you this:

1. Topshop, Green Zip Back Shell Top
2. Steven Alan, Donna Monroe Gathered Cami Dress
3. Steven Alan, Bodkin Trillium Shorts
4. Anthropologie, Silk Crepe Shorts
5. Urban Outfitters, UO Horizon Line Sunglasses


I haven't fine-tuned all my plans just yet - but, I do know that tomorrow I'll be checking out the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Green with a friend of mine. I also want to get started on fixing up the chair I found last weekend so a lovely little trip to home depot might be in order.

The rest I'll leave up to chance :)

What are you guys up this weekend?

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