Quilted Look

How awesome is this quilt!? I love the different colors and patterns worked into it and the best news is - you can do it yourself! Check out the DIY instructions here.


Win Win

Yesterday was one of those days where you sleep in, snack, and bum it up around the house. Mike and I definitely managed to do all of those things with a couple naps in between. To top it off we watched the movie Win Win, which was a perfect mix of
hilarious and heartfelt - and I highly recommend it! See the trailer above - Enjoy!


Land Envy

If only I had the acreage and equipment to construct one of these - how freaking amazing would that be!?

Note: Thanks to Mike for sharing! xo


Now & Later

It's a beautiful fall friday!


I'm digging these subtle-yet-spooky installations by UK artist James Hokpins:

You can see more of his work here.


I have brunch plans tomorrow for my friend Laura's birthday (woo!) that I'm really looking forward to. Other than that, I don't have anything planned so I'm excited to see where the weekend takes me.

Hope you all have a good one!



Animal Prints

I love these two prints from Society 6 - and they're insanely affordable (a large framed print is only $30!). Is it weird that I want to hang the bear one in my kitchen??


Our New Place

Mike and I have spent a good majority of the past month and a half getting our new apartment up to speed. We fell in love with the location (across the street from Prospect Park!) and the exposed brick wall right from the start - however, there were a few other "features" we weren't too psyched about. For example, the navy blue colored walls in the bedroom. It was a long process painting and fixing things but we finally have it just the way we like it. Here are a few shots of the finished product - enjoy!

Note: I would have shared some before pictures, but apparently I was in such a rush to change things that I forgot :) Oops


Nerdy Love

Nicole Martinez's rad etsy shop, Nerdy Dirty, has the perfect prints for the nerd in love! How funny is the first one!? It cracks me up! See more here - buy them here!


Monster Supplies

Halloween is just around the corner - so I thought it fitting to share these fun Monster Supplies from the Ministry of Stories. Check out their site, it's very entertaining.

What are you doing for Halloween anyway? Big party plans? Would love to hear about it!


Now & Later

Happy Friday!


I'm absolutely in love with The Ticket Kitchen's hot chocolate on a stick!

How adorably delicious do these look! I'm definitely going to plan a brunch when it gets a little cooler out and serve these up!


Tonight I'm heading to Bay Ridge to see my friends' new apartment, order in some dinner, and drink a little vino :)

Tomorrow and Sunday I am Staten Island Bound for family visits - first stop my family, second stop Mike's grandma. It should be fun-filled and lovely - as always.

Have a good one!



Great Naps

I haven't been sleeping well lately - even though I get my 8 hours, I still feel like I was awake all night! I hate it! But you know what I don't hate? Naps. Naps are awesome, and much-needed sometimes. Siesta should definitely be a worldwide thing. Until then... I'll live vicariously through everyone on the tumblr Great Naps.

Bummer Baskets

Bummer Baskets is a Brooklyn-based web shop that offers various care packages for life's unfortunate events. Each package is named based on the bummer such as, bad day, kind-of-a bad day, unemployment,  and the list goes on. For the most part - they're equipped with a personalized card, various baked goods, and some kind of fun toy or cup. I think it's pretty genius considering we've all had one of those days - at one time or another.

Check out their site for more info.



Twisted Architecture

I can't help but think of Inception when I look at these twisted shots by Nicholas Kennedy Sitton. I love the warped reality he creates. See more of his stuff here.



An Antler Afternoon

As luck would have have it - I came across two interesting and antler-ed things today. Since it's the afternoon in NY I couldn't resist a quickie post with some always-awesome alliteration in the title :)

1. Hand Painted Antelope Mug

2. Well, you can just watch...

If I had to give a moral to this story(?)  it would be: It's much nicer to sit on your couch and drink tea from an antelope mug than it is to get blind-sided by a buck while biking in Africa. Oh, and too much alliteration makes you sound crazy. Lessons learned.

(Sources: mug, video)

Colorfully Shot

LOVE the colors and style of Andrew B. Meyer's Photography. See more here.


Tales from the Weekend

Hi folks! I'd love to share some photos from my weekend, which I have officially dubbed the name Beverages and Sunshine (for reasons that will become clear in a second).

Friday night was girls night - complete with pizza, Pinot Grigio and plenty of laughs.  My friend Laura kindly let me use her new camera to snap some pictures, and she managed to get a few of me (mid-conversation) as well.

Next up? Cue the sunshine and insanely warm weather in October! After taking a long bike ride in the morning on Sunday we ended up at Prospect Park for a little fun in the sun. We hung out just long enough for me to pretend like I got a tan, and for the man with the metal detector (seen above) to completely torment us with incessant robot noises.


After the park, it was time for some drinks at Cafe Steinhof. Mike and I are both firm believers in staying hydrated - hence the 4 glasses of water for just the two of us :)

After all that water we decided to even things out with some deliciously spicy Bloody Marys. Here, Mike is contemplating whether to have a 'mary' or a 'maria' (tequila version). Such concentration! Actually, that isn't at all what he was thinking about in this picture but it works. So, let's go with it!

And, that was my weekend! Sunny, Beverage-y, and delightful :)
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