Photo Walls

I love the idea of decorating an entire wall with photos of the people or places you love. Now all I need is a wall & an industrial-sized printer :)

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Tote of the Morning

How cute is this sweet and simple tote bag by Fabric & Handle? I love that the straps are adjustable and you can choose from 3 different colors. Yay!



An afternoon laugh

Here's a fun clip from Summer Heights High to help get you through the afternoon :)

Note: Original title of this post was "Afternoon Delight" - which I quickly changed after reading it back to myself.

Tales from the Weekend: Stone Park Cafe

This weekend was one of the best I've had in awhile.

Here are some of the highlights...

Friday - I whipped up some Shrimp and veggie pasta and we ate a few mini cappuccino cupcakes for dessert. The original recipe called for regular size cupcakes. But in my opinion, everything is better when it's bite size :)

Vegetable Panini

Saturday - Mike and I took a walk all around the neighborhood before ending up at s'Nice for a healthy and delicious lunch. I also spotted a sweet fixer-upper chair along the way...

Double Windsor

Saturday night - we met up with a few friends at Double Windsor for my friend Lauren's birthday. It was a great night and I was so happy to see everyone!!

Sunday - I went for a quick jog in the morning and grabbed the chair I saw on Saturday. Later on, we took a walk to Target to snag Mike some last minute travel items. We stopped in at Gorilla Coffee for lattes on the way.

Love their identity

Sunday night - we used a gift certificate for Stone Park Cafe that my parents had given us for Christmas. Let me start by saying... this was quite possibly the best meal ever! Seriously. We couldn't believe how amazing everything was! Check out the menu here.
(Special thanks to my Mom & Dad)

So yea, that was my weekend. And I liked it :)


Warm Feelings

These gorgeous paintings by Samantha French are making me WAY too anxious for summer.

On a semi-related note: Mike left for sunny Brazil last night - and aside from being completely bummed out that he'll be gone for 14 days - I'm excited for him and the warmer climate he gets to experience.


My type of print!

I just came across this fantastic print by graphic designer Tom Gabor and I couldn't help but chuckle :)

Make a Statement

Here's some sweet street art to kick off the week! Enjoy!



Now & Later

'tis Friday dear followers - wahoo!

I'm getting ready to try my hand at baking these delicious-looking cappuccino cupcakes...

...and thinking of how hard/wrong it might be to capture this little guy and bring him home with me.

Look how handy he is!


Mike is leaving on Monday for a 14-day work trip to Brazil! So, needless to say, a lot (if not all) of my 'later' activities will involve him. That being said...

Tonight? We dine.
Tomorrow? We'll see some friends at one of our favorite local bars.
Sunday? We will hug a lot :)

Other than that, who knows!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


The ol' 2-5

A very-special birthday shoutout to my good friend Lauren who turns 25 today!
Welcome to the club bub.

She'll be enjoying dinner tonight at one of my favorite restaurants in Staten Island, and I'll be jealous. Have a wonderful time and a delicious dinner Laur!

Ahh to be a kid again

Wishing I was a little kid again so I could be sleeping in a giant storybook made of pillows and loveliness, ahh.



Tales from the Weekend: Coney Island

So Mike's parents came for a visit this past Sunday.  His mom brought homemade quiche, brownies, and Irish soda bread while I contributed a summer salad. Everything was muy delicioso!

After lunch we headed over to Coney Island for a walk on the boardwalk and an impromptu trip to the aquarium. It was a lovely day and Mike got some great shots... enjoy!


Instant Rocking Chair

These chair skis turn any regular chair into an instant rocking chair - sweet!

Check them out here


Now & Later

Happy Friday! I have A LOT on my mind today and A LOT of things to do. So here goes...

The weather today has got me searching for a new dress to kick off my spring/summer wardrobe. Here's what I'm considering:

Cooperative Printed Bow Tie-Back Dress,
Urban Outfitters

Quiet Blush Dress, Anthropologie

Color Callage Ballad Dress, Madewell

I'm leaning towards the anthropologie dress considering i still haven't used my gift card :) But I might hold out just a touch longer... Who knows.

This song fits me perfectly today as the gears in my head turn and turn. Needless to say, I'm really excited for some fun distractions this weekend.

Tomorrow, Mike and I are going to see our friends Dave and Elyse and have some dinner. They always come to see us in Brooklyn so I'm excited to go to their place. Then on Sunday Mike's parents are visiting and I'm planning to wow them with a summer salad. I hope to share some pictures next week.


I hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy all the sunshine!


Happy St. Patricks Day!

I literally forgot it was St. Patricks Day until I got to work this morning, oops.
It must be the Italian in me.

To all those celebrating today have fun and, most importantly, be safe!!


New York Tank House

Loving this renovated tank house by architect Brian Messana. That place must be flooded with sunlight on days like today :)

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