Apologies & Songs

Oh hi! Sorry for the spotty posting this week - I've been a very busy gal! A web project I've been working on the past few months launches on Monday!! Really looking forward to seeing it go live :)

Until then... have an amazing weekend, wish me luck, and listen to this(!):

P.S. - If you haven't heard The Shin's new album you should get on that!

(Art by me)



This beautifully bright and unusual stone home, once owned by Dick Clark, rings in at a cool 3.5 million. But, how amazing would it be to live in such a unique space!? I'd certainly give it a whirl!



Naked Typewriter

Check out this project by San Francisco-based photographer Kevin Twomey - about revealing layers of complex antique machines.



Handmade Type

I'm absolutely obsessed with this typography experiment done by Tien-Min Liao - which "explores the relationships between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, and also records the transformation between them." Very cool!



Cast Iron America

Artist Alisa Toninato has created art that is as awesome as it is functional. Use the skillets to whip up your favorite state-inspired dish or use it as decoration. Amazing.

Read more about it here.



The Robot

Brooklyn-based photographer Thomas Jackson shows us what it would look like if robots tried to co-exist.



Now & Later



I'm taking a look through a set of photographs on Flickr called Sign Language  - maintained by Marc Shur...

GREAT color!


This week has been long one, ugh. Right now the weekend is shaping up to be nice and low key which is exactly what I want/need. I'm also going to get a massage and go to friends birthday bash. Woo!

What are your plans??

Have a great weekend!



Accessories galore

I love all the accessories strewn throughout this place - especially that giant fork in the kitchen! Read more about the design and the place's owner here.


Summer Camp

Summer Camp is just one of the bands I'm a little bit obsessed with lately. Take a listen - and join me in my musical madness!



Reminds me of...

For the curb your enthusiasm fans out there... I came across this blouse while online shopping and was immediately reminded of the Chet's shirt episode :) Enjoy!

Tales from the Weekend

We spent a lot of time walking around Park Slope with friends of ours this passed Saturday. On our travels, we listened to a bagpiper wailing away outside a nearby school and a woman scream-singing the Star-spangled banner in the street.

Yesterday, I took a quick trip to the mall while my dad and Mike went fishing for a bit. Then we all came together at my grandma's house for pizza and cake in the afternoon.

All-in-all a lovely little weekend.

Photos & video by Mike, my super-talented boyfriend :)

Magic in Buenos Aires

Good morning, and happy Monday! How awesome is this!?



Now & Later

Happy Friday folks!


I'm admiring these cute IN LIGHTS prints by Jeff Rogers:

You can get any letter you'd like, and I love the punch of color! 


Mike and I are hitting up one of our favorite local spots with some friends of ours that are visiting from Connecticut tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing them and just hanging out. It's been a long week! 

I'm also hoping to see some of my girlfriends tomorrow. Then, Sunday we'll be Staten Island bound for a family party! 

Have a lovely weekend!


Cupcake ATM

This is an ATM machine that dispenses Sprinkles cupcakes... 24 hours a day. It is opening in Beverly Hills and it brings me so much joy [despite the fact I do not live in California] - just knowing that this has been invented gives me hope that one day we might have one in Brooklyn... one day :)


Would you believe...

...me if I told you that the above images are pictures of different alcoholic drinks from under a microscope? Well, believe it! From top to bottom: rose wine / sake /  chablis / margarita / vodka. Who knew booze could be so artsy :)

Thanks to Kristy for sharing!

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