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Heyyyy Friday!


I'd like to say Happy Birthday(!!) to Ralph Caggiano. A man who is not only an all-star fisherman, but one badass Dad! Love you!

Note: All of these photos have, at one time or another, been my Dad's profile picture on Facebook - Which cracks me up :)


Tonight I have my second sculpting class at Choplet in Williamsburg. Last week was the introduction where we got skilled on the basics of hand molding. Tonight we move to the wheel and I'm dying to try it!

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Buffalo with Mike, my brother Danny, and his two friends to visit my other brother Bobby at college. We're going to indulge in a serious amount of buffalo wings and party like its 2007.

Mike and I are really excited to get out of the city, and I'm thinking it's going to be a really great weekend. Hope the same for all of you!

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