New Art?

Lately I've been feeling like we need a change around the apartment. It hasn't even been a year yet and I'm already itching to switch things around! Maybe some new art like these YeahNoYeah posters would get the ball rolling. I love how the first picture has mine and Mike's initials :)

How often do you rearrange/redo your digs?


Paper Zen

Today is a stressful day, and I'm not one for stress. So let's just sit and enjoy these delightful little paper pop-ups by Mengyu Chen. Ahhh....



Bubble House

Ummm, say what!? This bubble shaped house, Palais Bulles, apparently puts on parties like no other - and I believe it! Could you imagine attending or even throwing a shindig here? The view is stellar, and my god - the pool!

Check out some more photos and backstory here.



Long Weekend

Here's my latest music obsession, and a perfect song to kick off the long Memorial Day weekend!

Mike and I will be soaking up the one day of sun that's forecasted for the next week (ugh), visiting my family in Staten Island, and possibly running a 4 mile race with my younger brothers.

Whatever your plans are - have a good one!


Sweet Lights

Pretty text-based light installations by Photographer Lee Jung from Seoul, South Korea.


World's Largest Swimming Pool

This pool at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile is HUGE! Coming in at just under 20 acres and holding 66 million gallons of water (wow!) the Guinness Book of World Records declared it the world's largest swimming pool in December 2006.  I'd love to be a guest - would hate to be the pool cleaner...



The Black (and white) Keys

Nice poster design commissioned for their show in Edmonton, AB.


Ron Swanson Cake

This one's for my fellow Ron Swanson enthusiasts. Also - for anyone thinking of getting me this cake, I respectfully request that the vanilla side be changed to more chocolate. Yum!

And here's a couple other tribute posts you might have missed:

Pyramid of Greatness
Ron Swanson Turf'n'Turf


Pingtuated Equilibripong

The first ever (don't quote me on that) dining room / ping pong table / work of art. Pricing available upon request :)

Read more here.



Stylish Culinary Stacks

Very cool and colorful still life photos by Dutch design duo Raw Color. Each image features disassembled ingredients of dishes from a UK restuarant's new menu. Love!


Things I'd Like

Here's a little roundup of some items I've seen and liked this past weekend. Enjoy!

1/ white champagne chalk
2/ wooden matches block
3/ geometric magnets
4/ decomposition notebooks
5/ squirrel bottle stopper
6/ half and half sunglasses


Double Take

This reminds me of this. And I wish they both had straps!


Wind Blown

This hilarious photo series, by Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern, depicts various people enduring gale-force winds to the face. Pretty fun stuff! See all 100 portraits of the series so far, here.



A Whale in Argentina

This incredible piece by Argentinean sculptor Adrián Villar, titled My Family Dead (2009), is a life-size blue whale in the woods outside Ushuaia, Argentina. Could you imagine stumbling upon this during a hike or something? Insane!



Afternoon Jams: Penguin Prison

I'm newly obsessed with this band, check them out!

Apartment Goodness

This gorgeous apartment lives in a 100 year old building in central Stockholm, Sweden. See a few more pics here.

Also, now that I live in an apartment with exposed brick I'm pretty sure that's a mandatory for all properties moving forward... too good.

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