Hanger Chair

Taking into account that I've had 2 ugly folding chairs leaning against my kitchen wall since Christmas - I think this is freaking brilliant. It always feels like such a pain to store chairs. These would be perfect for our coat closet....



Tell Me How You Really Feel

Could it be??



Walls Notebook

I love my fair share of street art - and I have to say I'm pretty pumped about this concept. The walls notebook encourages you to create your own street art on walls and objects alike.

See more here.
Buy it here.


Daily Dishonesty

When designer Lauren Hom lies to herself, she does it in style. Follow her blog daily dishonesty to keep up with her beautiful hand-lettered fibs. What a funny concept!



Frigid Friday

The weather in NY this week has been depressingly cold. But, even though its 20 degrees, it's Friday - and that makes me happy. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Stay warm!!



Art & Design: Logo Collection

To prepare for a website redesign I'm working on - I've been scouring the internet for design inspiration and in turn pinning up a damn storm. So far I've found some really great work, including the collection of logos shown here.

Over the next few weeks I plan on sharing more work from my art and design board - similar to what I did with my dreamy decor board. Or, follow me and stay ahead of the curve.

(Sources: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6)


All Alone

Haunting photography by Matteo Musci.


Throw Some Eyes On It

Post christmas amusement - brought to you by D*face.

I've realized that street art involving googly eyes never gets old, or less amazing. (Remember this?)



Mm Hmm

This reminds me that I have some personal projects to tend to. Must - make - time.  

(Buy the print here.)



Happy New Year!!!

It's a new day... and new year... and I've got high hopes for 2013!!

A HUGE thanks to everyone who has followed and supported la de da over the passed year. I can only hope you keep coming back. Best wishes! xo

(img source)
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