Lost in the Loud Silence

I'm obsessed with this photo series Lost in the Loud Silence by photographer, and super cool friend of mine, Naomi White. The styling, color, and unexpected touches in each photo really help to tell the story of this woman as she comes undone. Seriously, some of these shots are mesmerizing.

I highly recommend you visit her site to see them all - as well as past (and equally incredible) work.

Fantastic Naomi! And thanks to Mike Beach for sharing - 


Not Another Bill

Remember the good old days when you got mail that you were actually excited about!? Nowadays it's just bills and junk for the most part - which is why I think Not Another Bill is genius, genius, genius!! And that logo? Come on. 

Sign up and treat yo' self, or a lucky friend, to a beautifully packaged surprise gift that will be mailed to you each month. Past presents include jewelry, plates, a signed limited edition print, a sun dial, notebooks, and more!

Do yourself a favor and check out their site for more info


Obsessed with this

Tell me this is not the most amazing, colorful living/dining room ever!? Bri Emery, from DESIGN LOVE FEST, recently posted pictures of her room makeover and (as you can see) it did not disappoint.

I can honestly say I would LOVE to ransack her place and get my hands on some of these items but that would just be wrong - so I won't. That furniture! The art! Those plants!!

The natural light in this space is perfect for all the greenery. Me and Mike (mostly Mike) have tried for two years to keep our plants alive. Unfortunately, it's been a losing battle due to the lack of sunlight in our North-facing apartment. They just will not live... it's a damn shame.

Anyway, I hope you're as interested/impressed as I am - and be sure to check out Bri's blog post to see more images and the lowdown on what she got and from where.



Snug Vases

Transform any old vase or bottle into a pretty geometric vase with these clever cardboard sleeves by Snug. Purchase them here.



Shadow Cuts

Artist Eiko Ojala works in a digital space where he draws out figures then manipulates shadows and texture to create the effect of cut paper. See more of his work here, or the beautiful Naked series here.




Let's Travel Somewhere

I often have a plaguing feeling that I will never get to travel and see as much of the world as I'd like in my lifetime. So, any project that helps support others to get out and go is cool in my book. Designer Ines Gamler created this set of posters to promote the collaborative photo project - Let's Travel Somewhere.


Appetizing Pantone Pairings

Cute & tasty looking project by Minneapolis-based artist David Schwen.

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