And we're off...

Tomorrow morning Mike & I are leaving for one lovely fun-filled week in the Bahamas. It's been well over a year since our last vacation and we're beyond excited for the getaway. With that, I hope you all have an awesome week and I'll be back on the 7th - hopefully tan.




Up and Away

German artist Cornelia Konrads does some seriously cool, gravity-defying work in public spaces all around the world. Her art is punctuated by the illusion of weightlessness - which you can see above as the objects appear to be suspended in mid-air.

Check out A LOT more of here amazing work here.



The Chocolate Factory

Every now and again I actually take note of the packaging before devouring my chocolate goods. That said, kudos (hehe) to ruiz+company on this great packaging for the chocolate factory.



Now & Later


I'm fighting a miniature headache (so annoying!) while checking out Peg Carpet...

Read more about the project here.


This weekend I'm going to celebrate my free time and also attend a friend's birthday party. Woo! I hope the weather supports some time in the park as well. Hope you have a great weekend!



Chunky Letter Sweater Pillow

Love this textured pillow! You can order custom letters and colors here.


What I meant was...

Since my visit to Costa Rica I always "joke"with Mike about moving there one day and living in a hut somewhere by the beach. So when I said hut, this is what I was really thinking. This bad boy has 6,500 sq. feet and enough indoor/outdoor space to keep me happy all year round :)

What do you think? Would you ever pick up and move to a tropical paradise - even if it was a little hut on the beach!?



Double Birthday!

Hooray for birthdays! One giant shout out goes to my lovely mother seen above (happy, then fake yelling at me). The other goes to my Uncle Brian - who's been more like a brother to me over the years and is probably wondering where in the hell I found this picture :)

Hope the both of you have an exceptionally awesome day! Love you! 

Abstract City

Cute silkscreen poster by Christoph Niemann.



Now & Later


It's a beautiful Friday in NYC!

I'm checking out these great shots by photographer Brian Henry from his collection of abandoned spaces:

You can check out the whole collection here.


I'm taking it easy tonight, and look forward to spending some quality time with Mike :)

Tomorrow, I have plans to celebrate my good friend Laura's recent engagement - which I am SO excited about!!! A bunch of us are meeting for dinner which is sure to turn into an amazing and celebratory night!! Congrats again Laura and John! xoxo

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!



Bklyn or Beyond

Today is the [soft] launch for a a website I've been working on called Bklyn or Beyond. There are still some minor tweaks and changes happening but I'm really thrilled with how far it's come! I also got to work with a lot of great people, including Deirdre, the site's creator. If you have some time today you should definitely pop over and check it out!

In other news, I'm posting from a plane this morning as I'm currently en route to sunny Los Angeles! Unfortunately, it'll be more business than pleasure - work, work, work! So, I'll see you guys tomorrow!


Now & Later

Good Friday to ya!


I'm thinking I've just figured out how to travel the world on a budget...

The Tentsile, a tent/hammock hybrid, is being called "the world's most versatile tent." Considering they can be used in nearly any environment, are fired retardent, and both UV and water resistant - sounds like these bad boys are just the ticket.

(Thanks to Mike for sharing!)


Mike and I are going to a small gathering at a friend's apartment in Soho. Then, tomorrow is reserved for a bit of shopping, possibly some bike riding and definitely one serious, serious nap!

Sunday will be spent with family - eating food and sharing some laughs. And I can't wait!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Lush City-Living

This incredible outdoor space [shockingly] belongs to a Chelsea apartment in NYC. For a cool $4.5 million you get over 1,600 square feet of well, this. Decks and balconies are not the least bit overrated and if you happened to have won the lottery recently, I suggest you look into this :)



Blue Trees

Australian artist, Konstantin Dimopoulos, uses environmentally safe pigments to paint tree trunks in various urban areas. The intent is to raise awareness of the nearly 32 million acres of forests lost each year around the world. Dimopoulos describes his efforts as providing "a visual platform to effect change." It's definitely eye-catching - that's for sure.

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