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Happy beautiful Friday!


I'm reflecting on the fact that this time last year, Mike and I were on our very first vacation together in the Dominican Republic...

The hotel was incredible/massive, food was delicious, and the weather was perpetually perfect. Since then, we've traveled to Costa Rica which instantly became our most favorite destination ever (sorry DR!). But, I'll never forget our first beachy getaway :)


Mike's birthday is on Monday, woo!!! So, much to Mike's dismay, we'll be spending the entire weekend celebrating!

Tomorrow we're having lunch at the very tasty Beso restaurant with Mike's dad and grandma. Afterwards we'll probably mosey around Prospect Park, meet up with a few friends, then possibly go dancing!? - Very excited about that last part coming to fruition.

As for Sunday... well, I have some tricks up my sleeve.

Hope you all have an incredible weekend!


Lifted Pool

I promise I'll stop talking about the weather, especially because it's raining today, but I just can't help get excited about the warmth! I guess that's why I keep finding amazing pools. Gimme a tiny bit of Spring and I already want Summer!!

Here's a gorgeous "lifted pool" (fancy term for above ground?) to get you as excited as me!

One day... one day :)

Beautifully-shot Landscapes

Landscape photographer Josef Hoflehner takes some seriously gorgeous black and white photos from his travels around the world. He's captured everywhere from California, to St. Petersburg, to Rio - and the list goes on and on.

Here are some of my favorites:

Looking at these makes me want to skip town and travel! Though, for now, I'd settle for a framed print to hang on my wall :)

What do you think?



These days I find myself using exclamation points more and more. Whether it's a bland email or a sweet iChat conversation - they really liven up the joint!

So, I was delighted to find this Exclaim Typography poster on Etsy. It would be a cute addition to an office, don't you think?

Chocolate Postcards!

The creator of this delicious idea is Lilla Toth from Budapest, Hungary. And now... sending a Post Chocolate to everyone I know - is just one more thing I can place under the PRO column on my 'move to Costa Rica' list. Woo!!


Bright Ideas

I always forget that simple pops of color can easily liven up a very neutral-looking space.
I love the fresh feel this apartment has from all the accents of color.


Become Someone Else

Currently loving the concept for these book designs by Lithuanian Agency Love for
Mint Vinetu.



Melted Rainbows...

...is a beautiful photo series by photographer Taisuke Koyama.

Note: This is my first day at the new job so I'm going to take the rest of the day to settle in. Hope you enjoyed the photos and I'll see you tomorrow! Have a happy Monday!


Now & Later

Happy Friday, and also.. Happy Easter!!! How cute is this bunny!?

I'm chit-chatting with my friend Chrissy while waiting for some FedEx packages to be delivered. We also just collectively decided that I should bake these Spring Chick Cupcakes for easter dessert...

They're actually pretty easy to make, and they look so cute! Martha Stewart has such great recipes! I'll let you guys know how they come out!

I hate to say it, but this weekend is shaping up to be fairly uneventful (not to be confused with boring).

I'll really just be hanging out with family and friends, baking some sweet little chickens and mentally preparing for my first day at the new job - which starts Monday!! Other than that, I plan on sleeping in and lounging around.

Hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

(Photo source)


Human Flight

Umm.. wow. I just came across this incredible video for the Melbourne Skydive Center.
It was filmed using GoPro cameras and edited with Twixtor to help achieve the slow-motion scenes.

I've never been skydiving but have always wanted to try. Now, after seeing this, it's a definite 'to do' this summer!

What do you think? Would you dare??


Camera of the Future

The WVIL concept camera by Artefact shows us the future of camera design. Basically, if an iphone and a sweet-ass camera had a baby - this is what it would look like. And it looks good.

You can read more about it here, and here.

Let's go outside!

I am overjoyed that the weather in NY has started to take a turn for the warmer!

Nothing makes me happier than spending time outside with friends and loved ones. Seriously... barbecuing is where it's at!  All that being said - I wanted to share some cool patio furniture from Extremis that I definitely would not mind utilizing at my next outdoor gathering.


Cloudy Tables

The Clouds Coffee Table set from Fashion 4 Home is more unique and textured-looking than your average coffee table. They're available in either oak veneer or white and are perfect for adding a touch of dreaminess to any living room.


Quirky Necklaces

Every once an awhile its fun to rock something that's a little out of the ordinary. So next time you're feeling funky maybe try out one of these quirky pieces...

1. Map of Staten Island*
2. Map of Manhattan
3. Robins Egg Nest
4. Handcuff Lariat
5. Drillbit
6. Cinderblock

(*Isn't this a better way to represent the island? ...Rather than the MTV alternative?)


Toasty Trivets

I'm a sucker for cool kitchen accessories.

So naturally I was excited by these fun toast-shaped trivets! They're scaled to size and
sold as either a 'side order' or 'half loaf' :)

Have you come across any interesting kitchen do-dads lately?? I'd love to see!

50s Inspired Design

Loving these paint can label designs by Dustin Wallace.

(found via The Dieline)


View from the Pool

Who knew an above ground pool could be so chic! Check out some more photos here.
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