Now & Later

Happy beautiful Friday!


I'm reflecting on the fact that this time last year, Mike and I were on our very first vacation together in the Dominican Republic...

The hotel was incredible/massive, food was delicious, and the weather was perpetually perfect. Since then, we've traveled to Costa Rica which instantly became our most favorite destination ever (sorry DR!). But, I'll never forget our first beachy getaway :)


Mike's birthday is on Monday, woo!!! So, much to Mike's dismay, we'll be spending the entire weekend celebrating!

Tomorrow we're having lunch at the very tasty Beso restaurant with Mike's dad and grandma. Afterwards we'll probably mosey around Prospect Park, meet up with a few friends, then possibly go dancing!? - Very excited about that last part coming to fruition.

As for Sunday... well, I have some tricks up my sleeve.

Hope you all have an incredible weekend!

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