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Feliz Viernes!  -or- Happy Friday!


I am deleriously happy!

I think it's a combination of Mike being back, the weather getting nicer, and the fact that I just watched this video:

There's nothing cuter than a bunch of needy puppies! Am I right!?

So yea,  Spring is in the process of being sprung and I can't wait to change up my outfits.
I think I've been doing a little too much jeans and not enough this:

1. Necklace*; 2. Sunglasses; 3. Shoes; 4. Bag; 5. Dress

(*I'm usually not a chunky accessories person, but maybe it's time to change that up too??)


I have family birthdays galore this weekend so we're all coming together on Sunday for dinner and cake to celebrate. Until then, I'll be crafting up some birthday cards and wrapping things.

As for my social activities, we'll see what unfolds :)

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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