1960s Skateboarding

These awesome photos by Bill Eppridge were taken when skateboarding really started to blow up during the 1960s. Not to knock skateboarding, but doesn't it look so much cooler in these shots? See more here, here, and here.


Panic Room

The Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France, has five rooms that are annually reconceptualized by commissioned artists and designers. This one, Panic room, was done by graffiti artist Tilt - who split the room down the middle and went to town with his bubbly/bright work. I don't know that I could ever stay in this room, but it's definitely something to see!



Edible Scrabble

The Etsy shop Andie's Specialty Sweets is selling this genius product: edible scrabble tiles with racks. They come in either chocolate or vanilla and can be customized to whatever words you'd like. Now you can play your scrabble and eat it too!



Snow Circles

This massive snow drawing, by Sonja Hinrichsen and five helpers, reminded me so much of this that I had to post! Large-scale-art-love!



Now & Later


I'm listening to my starred playlist on Spotify. Here's a few from that list:

I'm going to start sharing a lot more music in posts to come, so watch out!


Tonight I'm heading to queens for a going away party for some friends of ours that are moving to Portland (hehe). Then, tomorrow night we're having Mike's sister and brother-in-law over for some snacks and such. Fun, fun, fun!

Looking forward to sprinkling in some bike riding too, if the weather permits.

Have a lovely weekend!


Rawrrr Talent

Love these dinosaur themed invitations done by Christine Wisnieski. They're hand painted and come equipped with neon colored chocolates AKA dino eggs. So cute!


Sucker for Soccer

Nice poster designs by Zoran Lucić. You can see more over on Behance.



A Helsinki Home

This 1400 square-foot apartment in the heart of Helsinki is home to interior designer Tanja Jänicke - and some serious natural light. It's also open, yet cozy. Love!


Simple Sculptural Pieces

Great sculptural piece that doubles as a table or extra seating. Read more about it here.



Mean Cookies

Mike and I just booked a trip to Bahamas for the end of April and I am SO excited! It's been over a year since we've gone on vacation and I desperately need some sun! We've both been upping our fitness in preparation and in the spirit of getting in shape - I couldn't help but laugh at these "mean cookies" which are clearly meant to discourage you from eating them. If only they came in chocolate chip...


Misty Monday Photography

Nice photography by Nicolas Le Boulanger.



Now & Later

Happy, happy Friday!


These "Sweater Letters" by MaricorMaricar are making me happy...

Each letter is hand embroidered and super rad. 


Tonight? Drinks with co-workers!

Tomorrow? Meeting with a freelance client, getting a massage, then having dinner with my lovely girlfriends! 

Sunday!? Quality time with Mike and possibly my 3rd guitar lesson! :)

Have an amazing weekend!!


Bonsai Tree Houses

When I first saw these I got REALLY excited because my friend Erin had a bonsai tree once, so in my free time I like to photoshop her into pictures with them :)

But, after further inspection I realized these Bonsai tree houses by Takanori Aiba are completely amazing! By combining his skills as a maze illustrator and also an architect - Takanori has managed to create tiny communities in the small trees. The intricacy and detail is really something.

Read more, see more.

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