Anti-Stress Chair

I'm not easily stressed, but with apartment hunting, work, traveling, and a whole mess of other things - this month has definitely put my overall calmness to the test. So when Mike sent me the link to this sweet anti-stress chair, by Polish designer Bashko Trybek, I felt compelled to share (and possibly purchase). The wire frame holds 128-240 stress balls (depending on the size) and I imagine this bad boy is pretty comfortable. And come on, who can be stressed with a chair this rad?

In other less-stressful-but-related news... tomorrow is the big apartment move!!! We are picking up the keys tonight and getting a head start on the painting. But, tomorrow is the big show which will make all the stress and running around totally worth it. Can't wait to settle into the new digs with my best friend :)



Art of the Menu

Art of the Menu is a very cool website that takes the time to curate, and appreciate, beautifully designed menus from around the world. And according to them a good menu design should not only look good, but make you hungry! Do these designs make you hungry? Can you tell the type of cuisine just from the design??

(All images from Art of the Menu)


Bendy Business Cards

These business cards, by graphic designer Kapil Bhimekar, are simply brilliant! They definitely drive home the bendy aspect of Yoga and I'm sure this client was thrilled!

Go here to read a bit more about the thinking behind the design.



One Very Big Bunny

I love large scale art installations and this 13 meter high rabbit is no exception. Read more about it here.

Also - remember this?


Now & Later

Happy Friday!


I'm digging the Huettenpalast Hotel where you get the social aspect of camping, without the whole outdoorsy hassle:

In other news... hurricane Irene is on her way up the coast and I know this because I've been listening to the weather channel for the past 2 hours. But, I really think the whole thing is just going to blow over. hehe.


I may or may not be stuck indoors, depending on how bad this storm really gets. But not to worry... we've got food, flashlights, and an excess of red wine. So, I think I'm good.

Hope everyone stays safe! And, try to have some fun :) See you Monday!

(Photo Source)


Staring Out the Window

Let me start by saying I think this is amazing.

Actually, that's really all I have to say about it. Enjoy!!!


Wayne White

Artist, and former set designer for Pee Wee's Playhouse, Wayne White paints words and phrases over kitschy traditional landscape paintings - and I like it :)




Have you guys heard of this site HardlyWork.in!? It turns your Facebook feed into a boring looking spreadsheet so you can procrastinate at work and not get caught. While I don't need this service myself - I do think it's a brilliant idea. Check out their site for all the features.


Typographic Transit

Love these transit maps from TRNSPRTNATION. And.. they're only $25 each! Not too shabby! Make sure to check out their site more more city options.




I am in complete awe of Natsumi Hayashi's levitating self portraits. How incredible are these? Using just her camera timer and tripod - she manages to look completely composed and graceful. Beautiful!


Cup Book

Love this book cover that uses a faux tea bag as a built-in bookmark! Check it out here.


Afternoon Laugh

Yet another hilarious note from Dear blank, please blank.


Shipping Off to Sleep

I have to say... I tend to feel pretty bad for kids these days. The games, toys, and TV shows just aren't the same as when my generation grew up. But then I see things like this (and this) and I realize that maybe they're OK after all.

This insanely cool floating ship bedroom comes complete with a suspended rope, captain's wheel, and crow's nest lookout. The kid in me is thinking to hell with Lincoln Logs. And the adult in me is trying to figure out how high those ceilings are! Either way, I'm jealous.

Check out some more photos here - from the designer, Steve Kuhl.



Now & Later

It really doesn't feel like a Friday, but I'm sure glad it is a Friday!


I'm experiencing a hot second of "down time" at work so I'm using it to ogle this amazing modern beach castle located in Malibu...


How amazing! I love, love, love all the light and of course the views are stellar. You can check out some more info and pictures here.


This month has been loco. Seriously.

So, I'm taking this weekend to chill out and relax. I'll also be doing some packing as the big move is right around the corner. Mike and I found a place we LOVE and is right across the street from the park! I cannot wait to move in, paint, and get settled.

Anyways, that's really it for me. What are you guys up to? Anything exciting?

See you on Monday!



The creator of this yummy tumblr scans various candy at high resolution - and in doing so, has increased my cravings for chocolatey goodness. I didn't even think that was possible! Enjoy!

Illustration Aware

I LOVE these drawings by Colombian Illustrator Cesar Del Valle! They are so well done that they could easily be mistaken for photographs. And on top of that, he has them interacting with their physical surroundings such as balancing on a string or a pencil. Really, really awesome!



Ron Swanson Themed Packaging

I think by now you know how much I love the show Parks and Recreation on NBC. So it probably isn't a shock that I was completely excited to come across these Ron-Swanson-themed food packages by graphic artist Jon Defreest. Now, if only the new season would hurry up and start!


From Day to Night

Photographer Steven Wilkes spent over ten hours taking hundreds of shots to be able to piece together each image of his Day to Night series. You can go see it at the Clamp art gallery in Chelsea, from Sept.8-Oct. 29th.

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