Prisoners of Technology

This print campaign by Go Outside magazine re-imagines our favorite devices as physical prisons. Pretty cool imagery.



Big Time


Big windows, beautiful views, and a flood of sunlight equals big, giant, ginormous jealousy from yours truly. Even that little sliver of a floor-to-ceiling window is completely amazing. One day, one day....

Check out my Pinterest board, Dreamy Decor, for more window-y, sunlit goodness :)

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Alexandra Bergman Photography

Crisp and colorful. Lovely. See more of Alexandra's work here


Dirty Work

A refreshing look at what can be done with a dusty car other than scribble "wash me" or, you know, actually clean it. Way to go Scott Wade!



[obsessed with] Florals

Florals are working double duty for both my daily inspiration and pleasant frame of mind these days. So... thank you flowers for making it happen!

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Sky Art

Artist Thomas Lamadieu uses slivers of sky as the canvas for the fun and quirky illustrations in his series Sky Art. See more here. Love this!



The Return

This past week was spent in sunny Puerto Plata, DR with my good friend Chrissy. We both needed some serious relaxation and Vitamin D - and I'm happy to report we got both. Now... it's back to business in NY but wanted to share a quick shot from my trip.

Enjoy! xoxo


What Can I Even Say...

I am BLOWN AWAY by these gorgeous hand drawn watercolor fashion illustrations by António Soares. Please, please, please check out more of his work here. It's worth it.

My God.

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