The Old Mill

This charming and inviting space is the biproduct of an old nineteenth century mill and brilliant interior designer Marie-Laure Helmkampf's hard work. I love the open floor plan and natural light as well as the mixture of soft colors and natural materials like wood and stone.



A (beautifully shot) Love Story

Sigh. Well done.

Note: apologies if the blog is running a bit slower than normal. I got a little "animated-GIF-happy" yesterday! :)



Animals Being Dicks*

My friend Dave just inadvertently made my day by sharing the website Animals Being Dicks. Some of these just kill me! Here are a few of my favorites :)

"He must've tripped"

"Look mom! A lion!"

"Grand theft toboggan"

*Sorry for the profanity! But, it is the name of the site...


Door-Holding Etiquette

This cartoon made me laugh out loud. I'm a culprit of the occasional awkward hold, and have definitely fallen victim to the "Why are you doing this!?" on more than one occasion...


El Mirage

Ahh, to be carefree in the middle of nowhere with fun people and motorbikes...



Now & Later

Weekend! Yes!


I'm in awe of Korean sculptor Cha Jong-Rye's layered wood creations:


What am I going to do!?

Hmm... my plans are TBD right now but I'm hoping to meet up with some friends, spend some quality time with Mike, and maybe fit in a trip to the beach (because my Montauk tan is gradually disappearing and depressing me simultaneously).

Also, a recent article on Designrfix has inspired me to start a side project using some old sketches of mine. So, we'll see how that goes! Hope you all have a terrific weekend!


Amazing Manhattan Townhouse

This insane Manhattan abode is currently on the market for 10.95 million! And aside from the fact that you can sit poolside in your living room, the place also has a gym, sauna, six bedrooms, and five bathrooms. Not too shabby, if you've got the cash. And if you do... I'd ask that you please email me directly so we can quickly become friends :)




I particularly love the flashdance-esque moves at the end :)

Summer Gear

I've decided I need to stray from the run-of-the-mill tote bag I currently use to schlep my belongings to the beach. So, I put together this little variety of beach bags to get me inspired to make the change! 

I think #4 is my favorite...

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Eric Cahan

What do you think of these photos by Eric Cahan?



Check out these hip chicks carving down a mountain in Madrid.


Tales from the Weekend: Montauk

I'd love to show you some photos from our weekend trip to Montauk! We had such a lovely and relaxing weekend, and I'm SO thankful we got to steal away...

We stayed at an adorably retro-looking spot called the East Deck Motel. And fear not the "M"- because the place was clean and comfy, the staff was beyond helpful, and it was right on the beach! We stayed in an area called Ditch Plains which is known for great surfing and dramatic cliffs which you'll see later on.

Friday night was a little rainy, but it definitely made for one gorgeous Saturday. We took a long walk down the beach to town where Mike got a beautiful Cerulean blue surfboard - which happens to be my favorite crayon color :)

After the purchase, I set up camp under the sun while Mike got out into the water.

After sun and surf we headed to the local restaurant Fishbar, just in time for sunset, where we enjoyed clams, mussels, lobster, and one of my new favorites - tilefish. We also had a few glasses of Sangria which were equally delicious.

Sunday was sunny as well and we spent every last second on the beach before grabbing some food then catching our train.

Now I can't wait to go away again!!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! xo 


Circle Prints

I'm moving into a new apartment with my love come September and I just can't wait to decorate!! I think the circular photos from this Etsy shop might be a good place to start. What do you think??


Now & Later

Happy Weekend!!!


I'm getting ready to leave for a weekend getaway in Montauk so I have beach on the brain - which is probably why I was drawn to these amazing sand sculptures by Jim Denevan:

Using just rakes and sticks his work takes several hours to create. But they are large scale and pretty incredible if you ask me. They can be found all along Northern California beaches - that is, if a wave hasn't found them first!


Mike and I are hopping on the train in a couple hours for Montauk and while there we're going to soak up some sun, maybe take a surf lesson, rent bikes, and have a few lovely meals. I am VERY excited to get out of the city for a weekend and get a little beach bummy.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!



Karate Chopper

I've been eating more salad than usual these past few days. Maybe that's why I like this so much. Or, maybe because it's awesome. Karate chop your lettuce for a lovely chopped salad!

Buy it here.


Library Love

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a custom library in your house!?

Check out more here.
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