Tales from the Weekend: Montauk

I'd love to show you some photos from our weekend trip to Montauk! We had such a lovely and relaxing weekend, and I'm SO thankful we got to steal away...

We stayed at an adorably retro-looking spot called the East Deck Motel. And fear not the "M"- because the place was clean and comfy, the staff was beyond helpful, and it was right on the beach! We stayed in an area called Ditch Plains which is known for great surfing and dramatic cliffs which you'll see later on.

Friday night was a little rainy, but it definitely made for one gorgeous Saturday. We took a long walk down the beach to town where Mike got a beautiful Cerulean blue surfboard - which happens to be my favorite crayon color :)

After the purchase, I set up camp under the sun while Mike got out into the water.

After sun and surf we headed to the local restaurant Fishbar, just in time for sunset, where we enjoyed clams, mussels, lobster, and one of my new favorites - tilefish. We also had a few glasses of Sangria which were equally delicious.

Sunday was sunny as well and we spent every last second on the beach before grabbing some food then catching our train.

Now I can't wait to go away again!!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! xo 

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