Weekend Getaway

Mike and I are leaving very, very early tomorrow morning for Vermont to visit friends! It's going to be an adventurous weekend filled with boating, and camping, and [me taking pictures of the boys riding] dirtbikes!! I've really been looking forward to getting out of the city and into the great outdoors :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

(Photo source unknown)

Napkin Notebook

Do you ever find yourself in the not-so-rare predicament of having a fantastic idea (coupled with bad short term memory) and no piece of paper to jot it down on!? Well, the cute and clever Napkin Notebook is here to save your ideas and ramblings from being forgotten.

...I expect the next thing to look out for will be the Back-of-an-old-receipt Booklet.



Summer Sips

The weather in NY these past couple of weeks has been brutal to say the least. I've managed to find sanctity in my air-conditioning but just in case you're in need - here are a few summery drinks to ail you on those hot summer nights...

Melon Mint Sangria

Shaken Nectarine Vodka Chillers

Watermelon and Tequila Mojito

I'm definitely going to make the Sangria before the summer is over :)

Packaging Perfection

First, allow me to say that this post comes from a truly biased place. Sixpoint is easily my favorite beer and their packaging is so spot on, it's brilliant! I only wish you could read the copy because it's equally impressive. In fact, Mike and I have reveled in the packaging amazingness on more than one occasion.



This intriguing shot by photographer Adam Rankin made me look twice. It's part of his series Moving and can be purchased here.



Open and Airy

This pretty little Swedish apartment has a lovely open floor plan and natural light a'plenty! I love the simple accents like the wine rack on the wall, or the mis-matched table and chairs which we all know is my new favorite thing!



Death Defying Tennis

In 2005, the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai converted their helipad into the world's highest tennis court to promote the Dubai Open. Rivals Andre Agassi and Roger Federer had the opportunity to play there and described it as an "absolutely amazing experience" and "an absolute treat" - yea, I'll bet!


A Nice Shave

Artist Kyle Bean used colored pencil shavings to create these portraits for the contributors page of Wallpaper Handmade 2011. Pretty terrific if you ask me!



Now & Later

Happy HOT Friday!


I'm checking out this cool On This Day calendar:

Each square is heat sensitive, and when touched it reveals a fun fact about something historical that happened that day. You can also pencil in your own happenings from day to day.

Buy it here.


I'm going to see a friend's comedy show after work then I'll be heading to the beach early tomorrow morning. Hopefully it'll be a little less hot and I'll be able to spend the whole day lounging in the sand.

That's really all folks - hope you have a good one!!

Simple Storage Love

Don't you just love this modular storage unit!? I mean, as much as any one person can love a storage unit. But yea, ir's great! It's beautiful and simple on its own, but put two side by side and it creates a perfect room divider for a studio or loft space. Check it out here.


Every Day Posters Every Day

LOVE this tumblr where they share posters for everyday things like seeing, or chewing your food - every day! There are lots of good ones on there so I encourage you to take time away from something important to look at this :)

Tales from a Dinner Party

Last night my friend Lakshmi had a few of us gals over for a dinner party at her new apartment in the West Village. And much to our delight, her good friend Gabi (who happens to be an incredible cook) graciously agreed to make us the amazing meal seen above. The food was delicious, the conversation vast, and the clean-up effort impressive. All-in-all a lovely night with some wonderful people!

Thanks Laksh & Gabi!


Perfect Picnic Napkins

I'm channeling the picnic-lover in me with these amazing tear-off cotton napkins from Cox & Cox. Love the red gingham! Check them out here.

Two Cousins

I think I'm coming to terms with the fact that I'm obsessed with this...

Yes, definitely.

Lorenzo's Leaves

Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran cuts intricate patterns and scenes into natural leaves, after they've been washed and dried. His attention to detail is impeccable and I bet he just goes leaf-cutting crazy in the Fall!



As U Like it

This Etsy shop offers some sweet mixed media pieces (as seen above).

You can see more here.

Light and Sweet

These cute personalized mugs help make sure you never forget anyone's drink order. How fun and convenient! Order yours here!


Snail Mail My Email

Snail Mail My Email is a month-long interactive art project where you email a short message with your intended recipient's address - that message is then handwritten (either as-is or with a complimentary doodle of your choosing) and then mailed for you, free of charge! Love it!

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