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Happy, happy, happy - FRIDAY!


I just discovered a rather quirky Etsy shop called tiny world in a bottle that is seriously putting whoever created those rice necklaces to shame! The shop creator, Akinobu, crams things like butterflies, fish, sailboats. and even soccer games into tiny little bottles...

Pretty interesting, if you're into wearing miniature objects or events :)

I'd also like to share a few links to some fun, regular sized, things:
- A home office for your backyard.
- 5 cool pool-table rooms.
- Chic standing fan.


This weekend is all about having fun on a budget.
Must. Save. Money. (Note: this is more for me than you)

I'm also going to get a head start on packing up some of my stuff, dance a little (maybe at the same time), and hit the beach - finally!!

Have a good one!

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