Crockpots and Cookies

A delicious mixture of chicken and vegetables has been brewing in Mike's crockpot since 9am - filling my apartment with an amazing aroma. So amazing that about an hour ago it actually started to drive me MAD.

To keep myself from eating everything in sight, I decided to bake some cookies :)

(flourless chocolate-walnut cookies)

Though, now it smells like cookies... perhaps a slightly self-destructive plan. Oops.

Sweet Rings

Recently, an obsession for all-things-dainty has turned into an obsession for all-rings-dainty. There's something about a frail little ring band, by itself or with a pretty stone, that is just so feminine and sweet. It makes me want to whip out my credit card and go to town! I refrain, however, and instead show you a collection of my recent near-purchases. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. - the little turquoise number is at the tippity-top of my list :)

(From top to bottom: Sterling Silver Mini Monogram Ring; Little Pink Opal Ring and Gentle Waves Interlocking Rings from Christine Mighion; Custom Turquoise Ring; Superfine Classic Ring; and Baby Spikes Eternity Stack Rings)


Little bit of art

Currently adoring urban artist Slinkachu's "Little People Project". See more here.

Here's hoping!

It was a dreary day today with all the wind and rain. Luckily, I was able to stay inside just long enough to snap this picture from my apartment as the storm started to clear.

The pretty sky gives me some hope for a better and brighter Saturday... Have a good one!


More Animal Organization

What's better than little paper clips in the shape of elephants? Little elephants full of paper clips!


I felt I should balance out the day with a more positive post... and what could be more positively exciting than this stuffed hamburger press from Williams-Sonoma!?

Oh the possibilities!


About a month ago I got the chance to see the Banksy documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. I gotta say, being a creative person, that I loved the film's look into street art and how far its come. I also have to say that i did NOT love the strange twist where the insanely annoying camera man suddenly becomes an acclaimed street artist and then millionaire. Gotta say that part really 'irked' me.

There was a lot of speculation as to whether the twist was real or not. I for one, chose to believe that it was not - which made the movie much more enjoyable to me. But alas, this morning I stumbled across this article. Damn!

Oh well, at least real street art is still awesome :)

Did you see the movie? Thoughts?

(Photo via imdb)


Guide to Greatness

For those of you that are Parks and Rec fans, such as myself, I hope you enjoy another look at the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness. And if you're not, get with it! You're really missing out!

Some of my personal favorites include Crying, Attire and Masonry.
For a better look you can also download the desktop wallpaper here.

(Photo via Miss Moss)


Happy Friday!

Here's a cute video - enjoy!

P.S. - This song has the same effect on me.


Wishful Posting

I'm having a very specific afternoon craving for chocolate cannolis right now. Yum.

(Photo by Harris Graber)


iPhones, and lenses, and zooming, Oh my!

I've been a proud and loyal blackberry owner for awhile now (mostly because i like the feel of actual buttons), but with all the excitement of the iphone coming to Verizon and now THIS(!?) -- Ugh, it's getting really hard to resist...

(Photos via Photojojo)

Valentine's Day Follow-Up

Happy Wednesday!

I'm happy to share with you some of the pictures from Valentine's Day. As I mentioned, my gift this year was a big fancy 4-course dinner. I spent almost the entire day preparing and cooking (with the exception of a one-hour gym break), then decorated the table and broke out all the good dishes. I even, politely, banished my roommates from the apartment for the night so we'd be alone.

Turns out - it was all worth it because the food was SO delicious and Mike was really happy!

So here you go...

Once i got home from my food-shopping extravaganza I quickly started on the batter for the chocolate lava cake. I also popped a few semi-sweet chocolate chips whilst preparing :)

Savor this shot because it's the only one of the Pièce de Résistance (crab-stuffed filet mignon in whiskey peppercorn sauce). It was soo good that we both ate it before I remembered to take a picture..oops.

This was quite possibly the tastiest asparagus I've ever had - hats off to Mike who pitched in on this one!

I call the above "Success" :)


Animal Organization

How fun are these paper clips from the ShopeRuche website!? I might be leaning towards the elephants as my favorite.


Cooking up a LOVE storm

Happy Valentine's Day!

Tonight I will be cooking an elaborate and extravagant 4 course meal for my significant other. We're not huge Valentine's Day people but we ARE big eaters - so we'll see how it goes. I will report back tomorrow with pictures and any compliments to the chef :)

Have a lovey-dovey day!


Grumpy. Ducky. Pimp. Yup.

So last night my darling boyfriend, Mike, and I decided to hit the town and try out a little spot in our neighborhood called South. We were surprised to find a nice selection of yummy beers, a bookcase full of games, and a late night menu that offers a delicious grilled cheese sandwich - handmade by the "chef" named "Tom" (we're not sure if that's actually his name) on a George Forman grill on the countertop behind the bar.

After devouring our grilled cheeses we played a few rounds of gin rummy before upgrading to UpWords. We'd never played before but we're both avid scrabble players so figured it would be a piece of cake… not so much. But, we did enjoy the challenge and the never-ending bowl of popcorn that came with it. 

Hope you have a great weekend and here are a few shots from our game :) 

(Photos via my blackberry)


Sunshine & Shopping

Oh well hello, beautiful Friday.

The sun is shining and it's only slightly brisk in Brooklyn today which has me in a pleasant and productive mood. I'm also semi-off from work today which makes things even better. Perhaps this afternoon I'll do a bit of shopping. I've had an anthropologie gift card burning a hole in my wallet since Christmas (courtesy of my parental Santas).

With Spring on the way I might pick up one of these...

(Anthropologie, Up-Do Mini-Dress)

or perhaps one of everything this chick is sporting...
(Anthropologie, "Look 3")

Decision, decisions.


Portland loves the 90s

So before bed last night my boyfriend introduced me to a series of short clips on Hulu called Portlandia. The main character is funny man Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live. I especially like the episode about Portland being the only place where the 90s still exists. Though I should warn you, the song is dangerously catchy.



A BIG spanglish welcome to La De Da - my very new and [soon to be] VERY interesting blog :)

I have high hopes considering I've been mentally preparing myself to become a blogger for the last fews months. As time goes on I hope to entertain you with inspiring posts and pictures of living, loving, designing and everything in between.
So again, welcome!

(Above pictures are from my recent trip to Costa Rica, enjoy!) 
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