Grumpy. Ducky. Pimp. Yup.

So last night my darling boyfriend, Mike, and I decided to hit the town and try out a little spot in our neighborhood called South. We were surprised to find a nice selection of yummy beers, a bookcase full of games, and a late night menu that offers a delicious grilled cheese sandwich - handmade by the "chef" named "Tom" (we're not sure if that's actually his name) on a George Forman grill on the countertop behind the bar.

After devouring our grilled cheeses we played a few rounds of gin rummy before upgrading to UpWords. We'd never played before but we're both avid scrabble players so figured it would be a piece of cake… not so much. But, we did enjoy the challenge and the never-ending bowl of popcorn that came with it. 

Hope you have a great weekend and here are a few shots from our game :) 

(Photos via my blackberry)

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