Valentine's Day Follow-Up

Happy Wednesday!

I'm happy to share with you some of the pictures from Valentine's Day. As I mentioned, my gift this year was a big fancy 4-course dinner. I spent almost the entire day preparing and cooking (with the exception of a one-hour gym break), then decorated the table and broke out all the good dishes. I even, politely, banished my roommates from the apartment for the night so we'd be alone.

Turns out - it was all worth it because the food was SO delicious and Mike was really happy!

So here you go...

Once i got home from my food-shopping extravaganza I quickly started on the batter for the chocolate lava cake. I also popped a few semi-sweet chocolate chips whilst preparing :)

Savor this shot because it's the only one of the Pièce de Résistance (crab-stuffed filet mignon in whiskey peppercorn sauce). It was soo good that we both ate it before I remembered to take a picture..oops.

This was quite possibly the tastiest asparagus I've ever had - hats off to Mike who pitched in on this one!

I call the above "Success" :)

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