Origami Shadow Art

Shadow artist (yes that's an actual and truly rad title), Kumi Yamashita, was commissioned by American Express to create a unique work of art for their Tribeca, New York office lobby - and here it is. Each strategically crumpled paper gives the shadow of a face profile. Interestingly enough - that third picture is pretty reminiscent of mine! Weird!

See more of her shadow work here.




Now & Later

Right now! 

I have almost everyone in the creative department watching a live puppy cam...

They sleep a lot, as you can see, but it's still amazing. Be cool and procrastinate like us!


Mike and I are fixing to do something fun outside tonight because it's gorgeous out. Then, tomorrow we're going to the Belmont Stakes, where we sadly will NOT witness a Triple Crown... but WILL have an awesome time!

Sunday is reserved for taking a trip to donate some clothes and refinishing a desk we've had in the storage room since winter - woo!

Enjoy your weekend!


Draped Fluorescents

I'm usually a hater of fluorescent lighting but ‘A New Proposal’ by Swedish designer Pernilla Jansson has definitely sparked my interest. How awesome would this look in a modern office?

Read more here.



Desk Incredible

Wow! The folks over at Boys and Girls have really outdone themselves with this! A desk held steady by giant Jenga blocks and balloons? - I want one! Here's the scoop on how it was done:
"A new type of rubber composite was used to make balloons that were genuinely air-tight and would never degrade, and Caltech were called upon to supply a Heluim/Hydrogen hybrid gas with an atomic weight 150 times lighter than Helium alone. 
Ribbons reinforced with Carbo-Titanium (and in pretty colours) were used to secure the table top to the balloons, tied off on an aerospace grade titanium cleat. 
Finally, giant Jenga blocks were carved from solid wood and placed on the reinforced floor."

Yoga Bear

Really sweet print by Marco Angeles!

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