Words to Graduate By

Amy Poehler recently delivered the Harvard Class of 2011 Day Speech. As usual, she was incredibly funny and completely delightful. If you have 15 minutes to spare you might want to watch it. And if you don't, here's one quote in particular that resonated with me:

"You are all here because you are smart, and you are brave. And if you add kindness, and the ability to change a tire... you almost make up the perfect person." - Amy Poehler


Now & Later

It's Friday, Friday!


I'm seriously digging Nick Gentry's paintings on old floppy disks:

It's funny that I came across these because me and Mike were recently discussing how floppy disks are completely obsolete now...


It's Memorial Day Weekend, as I'm sure you already know... and it is HOT outside. Unfortunately, I've been getting literally attacked by mosquitos this past week so my first order of business is to buy some high grade bug repellant. After that, I plan to take a nice long bike ride and hopefully acquire a new pair of shoes :)

Hope everyone has a happy and safe long weekend!! Be back on Tuesday!!

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Day Maker

How fun is the Day Maker alarm clock/charger! You simply drop in your device and when it's time to wake up - it pops up like a piece of toast! Need to snooze? Just push it back down for some extra time. You can also set it to your favorite song.

I'm pretty sure this would make me hate the morning a little bit less :)


A Rocking Chair Built for 2

The Sway rocking chair is modern, comfy, and built for 2! The extra space allows you to cozy up with your better half and sway the day away. Woo!




Loving this cute Etsy shop from paper artist Joe Bagley, who hand cuts all of his pieces. Visit his shop to check out more of his work.

The Inception Chair

RISD student Vivian Chiu mimicked the movie Inception's dream-within-a-dream concept using a series of 10 interlocking chairs. Very cool.



Afternoon Jam


Beach Thingy

I've never been a huge beach chair person. I'll take sprawling out on a towel for 2 over lugging an awkwardly shaped chair through the sand any day! But - I am definitely intrigued by the beach thingy! You just stick it into the sand and voila! Instant chair back. Fun!

Buy it here.

Famous Phone Book Faces

While most of us regard the phone book as a clunky, unnecessary thing of the past - artist Alex Queral saw something to work with. Here are some of his amazing sculptures of famous faces, carved out of phone books:

Each carving can take several weeks and is a painstaking process as just one slip of the scalpel can cause you to have to start all over again. Read more about Alex's process and see some more of his incredible work here.


The Neon Boneyard

The Neon Boneyard, located just outside of Las Vegas, houses discarded or outdated neon signs dating back to the 1930s. It also provides a visual history of Vegas' style, culture, and design over the years. Oh, and it's also awesome.

Read more here.

Check out more photos here.

High Speed Water Photography



Now & Later

T-G-I-F! Am I right!? Whew!


I'm a bit all over the place, but we're just gonna go with it!

I'm wondering what it might be like to bathe in a bathtub made of pure crystal...

I'm also wondering how rich one needs to be to spend $790,000 on said bathtub.
Because that's just nutty.

I'm also fairly amused by this print:


Today is my good friend Killian's birthday (Happy Birthday Kill! - Woo!) so a few of us are meeting for a celebratory cocktail after work.

Tomorrow I'm debating between brunch, some kind of festival, and a whole lotta' nothing! Not sure which is winning at this point but it's def. going to be a close call.

Hope everyone has a fantastical weekend!

P.S. - If the world does happen to end tomorrow, it's been fun! ;)



Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you'd really like to get your poetry on - but you just can't find the words? Well, Haikubes to the rescue! Use each Haikube to piece together the perfect Haiku poem to sum up your mood.


Don't Leave the Country Without It!

Very excited to share this post about a book written by my friend's little brother called
Can We Swim Here (Naked)?. It's basically a phrasebook to help students studying abroad be able to talk to the natives. More specifically,  it helps them learn the phrases they need to have a good time. So far it's gotten picked up by Barnes and Noble and Amazon and is available for French, Italian, and Spanish.

Congrats to Mike Lewis & Becca Lewis (by association)

The Barn Identity

Really nice brand identity work by London-based studio And Smith for The Barn.



Portraits on a Silver Tray

So, I guess it's true what they say... one person's baked-ziti tray is another person's canvas. That's what they say right? Well anyway, such is the case with Israeli-based designer, Idan Friedman, who makes beautiful portraits using aluminum trays.

You can see more work and some behind-the-scenes images here.

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