Tales from the Weekend

This past weekend was fun-filled and lovely. I can lump all of our outings into two categories: Park and Restaurants - which is fine by me :)


We found an amazing little spot tucked away beside the lake. Perfect for some uninterrupted relaxing! I did a bit of reading and Mike did a tiny bit of fishing before an unfortunate rod mishap. Then we just kind of hung out... and napped.

Oh - and we enjoyed a bottle of red :)


Saturday night we went to a new place (for us) called Fonda, which was coincidentally located between two of our favorite restaurants. How we hadn't tried it yet is beyond me. But - thank god we finally did! It was amazing!

I should also mention that I'm a BIG foodie and despite my size I can consume A LOT. I was raised to try everything, and try I have. I love going out to dinner and trying different foods/restaurants. Mike, the gentleman that he is, rarely lets me pay for anything - though I do offer! So for his Birthday I wanted to treat him to a yummy dinner. He was apprehensive, but in the end I got my way :)

I highly recommend ALL of the above and feel free to peruse the menu here.

Hope you enjoyed all the photos and the glimpse into our weekend :)

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