Now & Later

T-G-I-F! Am I right!? Whew!


I'm a bit all over the place, but we're just gonna go with it!

I'm wondering what it might be like to bathe in a bathtub made of pure crystal...

I'm also wondering how rich one needs to be to spend $790,000 on said bathtub.
Because that's just nutty.

I'm also fairly amused by this print:


Today is my good friend Killian's birthday (Happy Birthday Kill! - Woo!) so a few of us are meeting for a celebratory cocktail after work.

Tomorrow I'm debating between brunch, some kind of festival, and a whole lotta' nothing! Not sure which is winning at this point but it's def. going to be a close call.

Hope everyone has a fantastical weekend!

P.S. - If the world does happen to end tomorrow, it's been fun! ;)

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