Last supper sketchbook

Love, love love(!) these sketches by Moscow-based artist Nataliya Platonova. A simple turn of the notebook makes all the difference as each little dinner comes to life on the page. See all the work here.



Something secret

Cute 'hidden message' necklace concept by Beth Macri designs. 

Land and livelihood

Roo Kee Roo's simple wilderness prints would make cute gifts for the outdoorsy folks in your life. Or, you know, treat yo' self.

Personally loving the life jacket :)




Leaf Man

'Leaf Man' is a project by flower artist Azuma Makoto where he blends human and plant to recreate a mysterious creature that appears in his dreams. Interesting concept - great lighting!


Rolling Bridge

Clever inlet bridge design by Heatherwick Studio. Read more about the concept here.

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