Stay in Touch

Great letterpress business card design for Sarah Bürvenich, by Sarah Bürvenich. I'm especially obsessed with the clever logo using her initials. Well done!




Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Vulture's take on movie posters  if Are You Afraid of the Dark? was an R-rated horror film.


Dreamy Decor // Crave-worthy Kitchens

I feel myself gravitating towards open shelving, even though I know that's not an option for me and my household. But, maybe one day. I do, however, think I can manage pretty lighting and/or an enormous skylight.

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(Source: 1, 2, 3, 4)



Super Likes

Love these! Work by Jaime Calderón.



UK-based Illustrator Carne Griffiths uses unexpected mediums such as tea brandy, vodka, whiskey, graphite and calligraphy ink to create these unique pieces. See more of the work here.



Live Life in Pixels

I showed this to my friend Edgar and he immediately bought it so he could measure everything in pixels. I took the lazier route and asked my boss to order some for the creative team - haha. Either way, very fun!


Dreamy Decor // Interesting Accents

Unique accents make your home the most special and help define your personal style - whether it's something you hang on the wall, DIY, or an unexpected architectural element. It creates a focus and becomes a talking point. I could talk about that giant fork for for days - after I steal it and hang it in my own kitchen...

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Entries, Halls, & Photo Walls

(Sources: fish / branch lamp / mural / stairs / fork)
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