Perhaps my favorite street art to date - German artist Tim Schneider turns trash cans, coffee cups, and and even street posts into googly-eyed faces. So simple, and yet so entertaining!


Cute as a Button

My very awesome, and very talented aunt just opened up an Etsy shop! Everything is handmade and super adorable. I'm currently loving the above scarf and red fingerless gloves but there's lots more to see - so check it out!

Congrats Megan! xo

Trophy Pieces

Just one more reason why legos are amazing. Get it here.



Cut outs

Nice work mixing vinyl and acrylic by Kirra Jamison. Check out more of her stuff here.


Pow! Bam!

Really fun knuckle tattoo gloves for sale here. Can you guess which set is my favorite??


3D Street Mural

Street art duo '3D Joe and Max' teamed up with Reebok CrossFit to create the world's biggest 3D street artwork to date at 9,601 square feet. Pretty freaking crazy! I know I would fall down just trying to walk across this thing. See more pictures here.


Happy Cloud Coasters

These Happy Cloud Coasters by Barefoot Dynasty are made of Portugese cork - making them both dirt and water resistant. In other news, they're pretty. Buy them here.



Don't Look

Fun art exercise... draw a nearby object without taking your eyes off of it to look at your paper. Above you'll see I've drawn my classic Schwinn bike and our very comfortable sofa. Art is so fun :)


Now & Later

Friday! Finally!


I'm admiring this glam NYC apartment with all it's open and airy goodness...

Read more and see a few more photos here.


I have a busy weekend of both work and play ahead of me - if I ever get done with all the work I have to do today! Ahh!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Would love to hear what you're up to!


Hot Chocolate Cups

There are very few things I love more than chocolate. And even those things might have chocolate in them somewhere. So these bad boys are right up my alley!

You can check out the DIY instructions here. Yum.


Wrapping Outside the Box

The holiday season is quickly approaching. In fact, just yesterday my Aunt Sheri was giving me the low down on Staten Island's holiday decorations. Crazy! But anyway - the past couple of years I've tried to be more original with my Christmas wrapping - be it with elaborate handmade bows or using cutouts of leaves and snowflakes to make 3D tags. I LOVE this approach to unconventional gift wrapping using all natural materials and just a touch of green artist tape. How pretty would it be to use holly or poinsettias for Christmas!




Designer Suzy Lelièvre (1-3) and sculptor Michael Beitz (4&5) both have a knack for manipulating common objects in an unexpected, and sometimes bizarre, way - making each individual's work both interesting and enjoyable.

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