Playing with Food

Tiny people living in a land of giant food! A vision by Christopher Boffoli - and a delightful one at that. See more of his cool work here.



Tails from the Weekend

Meet Ben!

Mike and I rode up to Massachusetts on Friday to pick up this little dude. He's a jack russel-chihuahua mix and he's as awesome as he is adorable.  It's been a hectic weekend getting him settled in but we're very, very happy to have him :)

Oh, and I'm in love.


The Void

My reasons for sharing this song are 2 fold:
1 - It's been stuck in my head for the past 2 days - and I like it
2 - the dude in this video TOTALLY channels my dance moves around 2:43 :)



Summertime Blur

Loving these out of focus oil paintings by South African based painter Philip Barlow. See more of his beautifully blurry creations here.



Art from the Weekend

Some light painting from the weekend - "It's the watercolor of watercolors."


Lean with it

Photographer Paul Octavious finds oddly slanted trees, then asks his friends to stand next to them at similar angles. Very cool, pretty straightforward, hehe.


Cake Topper DIY

How cute are these wooden peg cake toppers!? See the full list of steps and materials needed here.



Book Ends of the Earth

Fun & earthy bookends from anthropologie.

This would be a great DIY project and would definitely come out to be a lot less expensive!

Respect the Wood

Tigere Chiriga created this Floating Mug for his own personal use until friends continually beat him down with the same question: Where can I get one!? Now you can fund the project on Kickstarter to get them mass produced and forever avoid this type of awkward situation.




Zilvinas Kempinas created this 80 ft. tunnel, Tube, using VHS magenetic tape. Wowza.

See more here.

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