French artist Elise Morin used over 65,000 old CDs to create this installation, Wastelandscape. The CDs were sewn together and then draped over inflatable mounds to create "a still sea of metallic dunes." It's available to view until Sept 10th in Paris at the Centquatre art space.

This caught my attention right away because me and Mike have been trying to figure out what to do with all of his old CDs before the move. I say toss em, but he's a bit more attached than I am. So, maybe we sew them together and make new curtains?

Art for thought.


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  1. wow, this installation looks impressive. especially when you realize that it's made of CDs... although I think I wouldn't be able to use mine that way:P I think I'm too attached as well...

    An Interesting Distraction


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