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Tell me this is not the most amazing, colorful living/dining room ever!? Bri Emery, from DESIGN LOVE FEST, recently posted pictures of her room makeover and (as you can see) it did not disappoint.

I can honestly say I would LOVE to ransack her place and get my hands on some of these items but that would just be wrong - so I won't. That furniture! The art! Those plants!!

The natural light in this space is perfect for all the greenery. Me and Mike (mostly Mike) have tried for two years to keep our plants alive. Unfortunately, it's been a losing battle due to the lack of sunlight in our North-facing apartment. They just will not live... it's a damn shame.

Anyway, I hope you're as interested/impressed as I am - and be sure to check out Bri's blog post to see more images and the lowdown on what she got and from where.


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