Tales from Vacation: Scuba Diving

While in the Bahamas, Mike and I finally got to do something we've been talking about for awhile: scuba diving. For his birthday I set up a surprise trip where we learned the basics then went out on a 40ft. dive with a small group and one instructor, Rafael. We had such a good time that we immediately called the next day to book a 60ft. dive with Rafael - and about 25 sharks! You'll also see in the video that we swam through a shipwreck, which was freaking awesome.

It ended up being one of the most amazing, surreal experiences I've ever had. It was also pretty humbling, as we both learned there is literally no way to look cool in a scuba suit - NO way. Here are some shots we ordered from the dive shop, and a video Mike shot with his GoPro camera. Enjoy! xo

I feel compelled to note that if I look like I'm dying in those pictures it's only because my mask was on way too tight and (while I was completely safe and breathing perfectly normal) felt like I was going to pass out and float to the surface - creating the possibility of being eaten by sharks. Luckily... I lived to see the giant mask imprint that plagued my face for the remainder of the day :)

I'll follow up tomorrow with some of Mike's amazing vacation photography!

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