Tales from the Weekend

Mike and I went on our first bike ride of the season on Saturday. We decided to ride on the streets along the perimeter of Prospect Park, as opposed to going into the Park (which we've done a million times.) Along the way we made a few pit stops and all-in-all it ended up being a pretty sweet afternoon.

Pit Stop #1 - Prospect Park Zoo to take a quick look at some critters...

Red Panda

North American Porcupine

We also saw two sea otters "doing the deed" which was uncomfortable enough to watch, let alone take a picture of, so you'll have to use your imagination for that one. But, it certainly made our little detour an interesting one.

Pit Stop #2 - Farmer's market, where Mike got some organic honey and I grabbed some fresh focaccia (which we ate for dinner - YUM!)

Onion Focaccia

Final Pit Stop - Flipter's for burgers... then headed back to Mike's apartment for an afternoon nap. Quite the lovely day :)

Yesterday was work, work, work - but I'm happy to report my professional website is now up and running.

What did you guys do??

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  1. sounds like a nice lil weekend! :) the red pandas are so cutee


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