Now & Later

Happy Friday! I have A LOT on my mind today and A LOT of things to do. So here goes...

The weather today has got me searching for a new dress to kick off my spring/summer wardrobe. Here's what I'm considering:

Cooperative Printed Bow Tie-Back Dress,
Urban Outfitters

Quiet Blush Dress, Anthropologie

Color Callage Ballad Dress, Madewell

I'm leaning towards the anthropologie dress considering i still haven't used my gift card :) But I might hold out just a touch longer... Who knows.

This song fits me perfectly today as the gears in my head turn and turn. Needless to say, I'm really excited for some fun distractions this weekend.

Tomorrow, Mike and I are going to see our friends Dave and Elyse and have some dinner. They always come to see us in Brooklyn so I'm excited to go to their place. Then on Sunday Mike's parents are visiting and I'm planning to wow them with a summer salad. I hope to share some pictures next week.


I hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy all the sunshine!

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