My (possible) Film Debut!

Mike and I are about to have some dinner and watch The Bourne Identity (with Matt Damon) which just made me realize I have yet to announce some very exciting news! This Friday, the movie The Adjustment Bureau comes out and you may know that Matt Damon is starring in it - but what you don't know is that SO AM I! Well, maybe, it's yet to be determined.

Last year a co-worker and I finagled our way into becoming extras when they were filming across the street from our office. We got into two solid takes where Matt walks right passed us - so I really think we have a fighting shot of being in the movie.  Here's hoping!!

In the meantime, check out the trailer and the picture from that day on set :)

(Me, Matt Damon & Becca)

P.S. - if it turns out we did make it into the movie, there will be a very exciting follow up post! So stay tuned!

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