Tales from the Weekend

Hi folks! I'd love to share some photos from my weekend, which I have officially dubbed the name Beverages and Sunshine (for reasons that will become clear in a second).

Friday night was girls night - complete with pizza, Pinot Grigio and plenty of laughs.  My friend Laura kindly let me use her new camera to snap some pictures, and she managed to get a few of me (mid-conversation) as well.

Next up? Cue the sunshine and insanely warm weather in October! After taking a long bike ride in the morning on Sunday we ended up at Prospect Park for a little fun in the sun. We hung out just long enough for me to pretend like I got a tan, and for the man with the metal detector (seen above) to completely torment us with incessant robot noises.


After the park, it was time for some drinks at Cafe Steinhof. Mike and I are both firm believers in staying hydrated - hence the 4 glasses of water for just the two of us :)

After all that water we decided to even things out with some deliciously spicy Bloody Marys. Here, Mike is contemplating whether to have a 'mary' or a 'maria' (tequila version). Such concentration! Actually, that isn't at all what he was thinking about in this picture but it works. So, let's go with it!

And, that was my weekend! Sunny, Beverage-y, and delightful :)

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